The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with disability to live full, independent and meaningful lives and aims to provide people with total choice and control over the supports participants’ access.

Cruising Plus is proud to be a registered NDIS provider and offer a range of services to assist clients with all their travel requirements.

If you are an existing NDIS Participant or transitioning to the NDIS and would like to access our services as part of your plan please contact us to see how we can assist you achieving your travel goals.


At Cruising Plus we offer a person-centred approach whereby we focus on an individual’s personal needs, wants, desires and goals and create ways of ensuring these are met to the best of our knowledge and ability.

We take into account the best interest of every participant, their family and extended support network to build a trusting and beneficial relationship.

Travelling, whether it is locally, interstate or overseas can be difficult and/or stressful to navigate if you have a disability and/or special needs but we are here to help identify any barriers and co-ordinate arrangements to ensure you have the best travel experience.


We believe everyone should have the chance to travel and explore the world whether it’s for fun, adventure, education or medical requirements.

The world is full of amazing destinations and we are here to help people with disabilities and/or special needs realise their travel dreams whether they are travelling alone, with family, friends or carers.

We believe in accessible travel for all and are committed to helping everyone we can realise their potential!


NDIS does not fund holidays as such however the supports a participant requires may be funded if written into the plan as a goal, and determined that the “reasonable & necessary” criteria has been met.  You can still claim supports even if it is not written into to your plan however it will may be more difficult to manage your budget.

We can provide you with an estimate of what travel supports you may require and the costs to pursue the goals and objectives of where and why you want to travel.


A participant’s reasonable and necessary supports take into account any informal supports already available to the individual (informal arrangements that are part of family life or natural connections with friends and community services) as well as other formal supports, such as health and education.

These supports will help participants to:

  • pursue their goals, objectives and aspirations
  • increase their independence
  • increase community and workplace participation, and develop their capacity to actively take part in the community.