Why Cruise?

Cruising is fast becoming the no.1 way to take a holiday. So if you haven’t already joined the many who love to cruise and you ask why then hopefully we can answer it here for you.

1. Value Packed Holiday

Leave from your very own doorstep here in Australia to any destination in the world.

2. Hassle Free

Its your choice, do as much as you like or as little as you like. There is no pressure.

3. Incredible Inclusions

Your cruise fare includes entertainment, accommodation, main meals, daily activity for kids and travel to exotic destinations

4. Fun for all the Family

Cruising is a fantastic way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary as a family group.

5. Unpack Once

Once onboard you have your cabin so no more hotel hopping and plenty of ports to see.

Questions people ask?

“I want to go on a tropical holiday, but didn’t think about cruising there.”

If it’s relaxation you’re after, then rushing around to arrange hotel reservations, keeping children entertained, dealing with cramped leg space on long flights isn’t going to put you in the right mood. What’s great about cruising is that as soon as you get on board, the holiday begins.

You only have to unpack once, so there’s no mad rushing around to pack and unpack and, you can really make the most of the travel. The most popular destination from Australia are the Pacific Islands.

You can visit ports in Fiji, the Loyalty Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, the Cook Islands, Tonga, French Polynesia and Western Samoa. Alternatively, there’s New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Australia and Asia too!

“What’s the point of spending all that money to lie around a pool when I can do that at home?”

Let’s talk about some of the costs of cruises and what they include –

Accommodation, all main meals, entertainment (including production shows, guest entertainers, trivia, karaoke, dancing classes, movies and in-cabin videos). Access to Children’s Centres with supervised activity programmes and use of the ships many complimentary facilities such as swimming pools, gym, spas, sauna, steam rooms, table tennis, shuffleboard and library.

When you look at what’s included for the price, it’s much easier to justify… when comparing to say, an Asia destination holiday. It’s the holiday, but it’s the travel and the destinations too.

“I want the freedom to choose what I want to do each day.”

You can choose to do it all, or nothing at all. Whilst there is a Schedule published in the daily newsletter, these are just some suggestions of the numerous activities happening around the ship to pick and choose as you wish.

Some passengers prefer to plan out their day in advance, whilst others may like to choose on a whim. It’s your choice and that’s what cruising is about – activities may involve lounging on the deck by the pool or the bar all day, or going from the gym to breakfast to craft, the theatre, the Cafe, Bingo, lunch at The Buffet, maybe a dance lesson, dinner in the specialty restaurant then drinks with friends at the bar, or seeing a movie on the big screen outdoors at night.

You really can do – all or nothing.

“I want to meet the locals and get a real feel for their culture but there doesn’t seem to be enough time for that?”

The organised shore tours are a great way to maximise time and enhance your holiday, allowing you to experience the best a destination has to offer. With over 400 shore tours across over 50 ports there are activities to suit each and everybodies lifestyle, interests and budget.

Each destination offers something completely different.

You can go on a four hour cultural journey through Maori heritage and early New Zealand life in Tauranga

In Lombok, Asia, you could start your day visiting a traditional market and see the daily bustle and local wares then a visit to Lombok’s holiest temple which was built in 1714.

The tours, hosted by local guides, help create a stress-free way to add a touch of local culture to the holiday.